General Dynamics is a bet on a two-term Trump

Bed Bath & Beyond: You would be “buying this matter for significantly much less than cash, so I feel it is really O.K. The challenge is, of system, retail is hated.”

Raytheon: “I imagine Raytheon’s O.K.”

General Dynamics: “You’re fundamentally betting that President Trump is likely to acquire a next phrase for the reason that if the Democrats get in, I do not think that you’re likely to be able to expect that you happen to be likely to have military services appropriation as big as you get with this current president.”

Churchill Downs: “This is a negative location to be.”

Allscripts Health care Answers: What the heck is going mistaken with that matter? This is electronics records maintaining and it has just been destroyed and there is enormous insider shopping for. Let’s get the CEO on, who just bought a ton of inventory.”

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