How the US fell dangerously behind


The fatal coronavirus pandemic has stopped the earth in its tracks, and uncovered a weak location in U.S. preparedness for a general public health emergency.

Experts say aggressive diagnostic testing is crucial in buy to discover in which and how an epidemic spreads. But in the essential to start with weeks of the outbreak in the U.S., one dilemma just after one more prevented health professionals, clinics and labs about the country from testing plenty of men and women.

Patients in The us ended up being despatched house as hospitals constrained their use of checks to conserve provide, while other international locations like South Korea uncovered a way to check hundreds of hundreds of folks swiftly.

Now, the U.S. is months at the rear of in comprehending the real scope of the virus. Screening ability is finally ramping up, but is it far too late? Enjoy the movie higher than to obtain out more.


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