How to put Bernie Sanders into Google Maps Street View or Snapchat


Sen. Bernie Sanders in a meme from the “Bernie Sits” generator.

An image of Sen. Bernie Sanders became an instant sensation Wednesday after the senator was photographed sitting cross-armed in knit mittens, a mask and a winter parka at President Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony. 

Before long, the image had spread far and wide as a reaction meme. People also quickly figured out how to help people make their own Bernie memes using Snapchat and a meme generator that uses Google Maps Street View.

Here’s how to get in on the fun:


Google Maps

Using this meme generator from Nick Sawhney, who says he’s a grad student and software engineer, you can make sitting Bernie appear anywhere you can pull up on Google Maps Street View. 

To get the Bernie image, just fill in the address in the box on the site link. When I tried Thursday afternoon, it took a bit — the site has become quite popular so just give it a few seconds. 

When it’s complete, the page will show Sanders at your address of choice. 

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