North Korea has fired an unidentified projectile, South Korean military says


North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un before a meeting with US President Donald Trump on the south side of the Military Demarcation Line that divides North and South Korea, in the Joint Security Area (JSA) of Panmunjom in the Demilitarized zone (DMZ) on June 30, 2019.


North Korea has fired at least one unidentified projectile, according to the South Korean military. 

Pyongyang has repeatedly fired projectiles over the past year and bragged about developing a new strategic weapon as relations with the Trump administration have soured. 

North Korea and the U.S. failed to restart talks at the end of last year, after Washington refused to respond to Kim Jong-Un’s demand for concessions. 

President Donald Trump has sought to convince the North to give up its nuclear arsenal, banking on a personal relationship he has tried to develop with Kim as well as pressure through sanctions. 

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