The ultra-rich are investing in companies trying to reverse aging.

If you won’t be able to defeat loss of life, what if you could postpone it, or at minimum postpone the ailments commonly associated with acquiring old?

Several persons, specifically the ultra-rich in Silicon Valley, are investing revenue into businesses attempting to respond to just those queries.

Amazon CEO¬†Jeff Bezos and billionaire PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel have both of those invested in South San Francisco-dependent Unity Biotechnology, a firm whose mission is to “lengthen human healthspan, the time period in one’s everyday living unburdened by the illness of growing old.”

In 2013, Google shaped aging investigation corporation Calico. Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison has donated hundreds of hundreds of thousands of dollars to growing older investigate, The New Yorker reported.

There are a slew of other organizations tackling ageing, including BioAge, BioViva, The Longevity Fund, AgeX and the Methuselah Foundation.

“Any time you fulfill a basic human want, you will find a industry,” reported Michael West, a gerontologist and CEO of AgeX Therapeutics.¬†“And in this circumstance, the current market for age-relevant disease and ageing is a trillion greenback current market.”

But men and women claiming to know what you should to do to reside extended isn’t really something new. Historically, as is nevertheless the scenario now, a large amount of it just won’t do the job. So what is true? And what is actually just wishful pondering?

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